Hytale-Community.de - Time to say goodbye :(

Hytale-Community.de was founded on Jan 28, 2019 after Hytale was announced. The forum should become a place for all German Hytale players to exchange.

Now the forum became too costly to moderate and run without the game being released. Also, we didn't want to put advertising on the site. Additionally the hytale release date is still not announced.

On 30.12.2021 the team behind Hytale-Community.de has decided to shut down the site. This decision was not easy for us. The site was archived here by a good friend of the team. All user data will be deleted within 30 days.

The team itself is now working on a new project. Doge-Mail.net, a free, fast and private email provider. Check it out here :)

If you need to contact us you can reach us at [email protected].

The domain "hytale-community.de" is no longer needed due to closure and is therefore for sale. You can buy the domain here for 50$/~44,14€ or you can send us an offer by e-mail to [email protected].

Domain Stats:

Uniquid users per month: ~ 960,000
Page requests per month: ~ 7,700,100
Alexa Ranking: #2,523,737
Majestic Million Ranking: #87,369
Backlinks: 775,713